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MARPE: ¿Hay una edad limite para colocarlo?

Placement of Marpe

Introducción: Comprendiendo la Compresión Maxilar La compresión maxilar es un problema relativamente frecuente de ver en nuestra práctica diaria. Esta discrepancia óseodentaria que presenta el paciente puede ser tratada de diferentes maneras según la severidad de la misma y, por supuesto, según su edad. De hecho, solemos utilizar la edad como una referencia para determinar […]

What is the effect of elastics in a Class III?

Effects of elastics in Class III

When planning Class III treatment with aligners, the movements that appear in the software can be confusing. No platform is going to tell us the limits of distalisation, nor how the planned movements are really going to occur... And neither can it reflect the effects that the elastics will have on both arches. The reality [...]

Will Invisalign be able to revolutionise jaw expansion?

Maxillary expansion

Jaw expansion is a relatively common treatment for growing patients. Many children have a narrow jaw for various reasons, whether due to habits, a respiratory problem, genetics or inadequate function. This jaw deficiency can be treated with a variety of appliances: Hawley plates, disjunctors, jaw tracks, [...]

Are aligners of any benefit in surgical cases?

Orthodontic treatments, whether aligners or braces, have their limits and may not be suitable for all cases. For this reason, some of our patients will need to undergo orthognathic surgery combined with orthodontics in order to solve their problem adequately. In those malocclusions where the patient has a skeletal problem [...]

Can we correct overbite with aligners?

I remember when I was immersed in the world of aligners. In those first trainings, we were shown the strengths and weaknesses of invisible orthodontics. For example, a case with an open bite could be easier to solve with aligners than with brackets, thanks to the intrusion produced by the brackets.

Brackets vs. aligners: Class II division 2

Class II malocclusion is one of the most common malocclusions among orthodontic patients. Within Class II, we have two subtypes, division 1 and division 2. Each of them has a series of associated dental and facial characteristics that must be taken into account when designing our orthodontic plan.

With aligners there is no need for extractions... myth or reality?

One of the great debates in orthodontics that has existed practically since its emergence is whether or not extractions are necessary. If we look back, it is interesting to see how this issue has fluctuated over time, creating orthodontic trends or "currents" that defend the need for extractions or, on the contrary, the necessity of extractions.