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Training with your own cases

Training and in-depth knowledge of aligner biomechanics is what will allow you to solve any type of malocclusion successfully with aligners.

We are aware that the learning curve for invisible orthodontics is long and that, even if you have an excellent grasp of your brackets, many complex cases can still be difficult. with aligners still resist you.

That is why, we have created a METHOD in which, for 12 months, we will help you to treat all your patients with aligners. and we will teach you the basics of invisible orthodontics so that you will be able to continue treating your patients in the future.

I'm sure you've taken several courses on aligners, but it is not always easy to apply the protocols you are taught to your own patients.

With this method you will learn the protocols by working on your own cases. We will focus on you, the way you work and the patients you have in your clinic. A Completely practical method in which we will analyse your rights and wrongs so that you can improve and lose your fear of invisible orthodontics.

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Review all your cases with our team

Dr. Martín Pedernera, Dr. Ana Acedo and Dr. Luis González will plan ALL your invisible orthodontic cases with you.







Practical workshops of micro-screws, stripping
and occlusal grinding

In the SAS methodIn addition to all the content on the biomechanics of the aligners, we have introduced a practical partwhere we will teach you the necessary strategies to apply to your cases with aligners.

We will send you all the necessary material to your home to carry out different HANDS ON online and put into practice everything we have learnt during our training. You will receive:

  • A typodont for the practice of occlusal grinding and stripping techniques. 
  • A cranium for the micro-screw HANDS on. 
  • A DENTAL DIRECT® brand milling cutter. This kit includes all the burs necessary for IPR, occlusal adjustments and attachment and removal of attachments, as well as cosmetic touch-ups. 
  • 1 Manual screwdriver (valued at €500).
  • 1 micro-screw 1.5×8 mm.
  • 1 micro-screw 2×12 mm. 
Cranium and screwdriver for hands-on workshops

Monthly Plan: pro

*special discount for full payment
/ for 12 months

Monthly Plan: vip

*special discount for full payment
/ for 12 months

What does it include?

The SAS method is a 12-month training where you will find all the invisible orthodontic content necessary to become an expert in aligners: we will start with the most basic content and move on to the advanced content. During these months, you will have access to our case review sessions to help you achieve success with your patients.

Every week you will have a class schedule where you will be able to log in during the session to review your cases with aligners: we will monitor your ClinChecks and Approvers for 12 months so that in addition to training you, you will achieve incredible results. 

You will have access to more than 50 hours of training and written protocols where you can learn the biomechanics of aligners starting with basic concepts and ending with advanced protocols (auxiliary techniques, TADs...).

We will send you all the necessary material (drill kit, stripping, screwdriver, typodonts... and with our team, you will practice placing TADs, stripping... We will give you the guides so that without leaving home, you can learn how to treat your most complex cases. 

You will have a TREATMENT PLANNING COORDINATOR assigned to you, with whom you will be able to consult your doubts 24/7, we will be available for you and for any case or doubt you may have.

A training with your own cases

We often think that invisible orthodontics is less "efficient" than braces in solving complex cases. In reality, efficiency depends to a large extent on our work, on taking care of all the details of the planning and understanding that aligners are devices with which to apply forces in the mouth. 

The 3D modifications we make in a case are key to achieving a good result: overcorrecting tip, intrusion, placing an atache in a specific position, correcting unwanted movements or sequences... 

There are so many elements that without having a method for reviewing them, it is easy to miss some of them or not be able to see them. 

Review each treatment plan with us and learn about aligner biomechanics with your own invisible orthodontic cases.