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¿Can all cases be solved with aligners? If you already work with them, you will know their virtues to perfection, but you will also have experienced their limitations: molars that do not straighten, distalisation that does not occur... Some movements are complicated or practically impossible to achieve with aligners alone. That is why, auxiliary techniques are an essential complement if you want to tackle any case, no matter how difficult, with guarantees of success.

Lack of habit is one of the "brakes" we have when using these techniques. For example, the fear of inserting micro-screws, the doubts that arise about when they are necessary or which are the best areas for their insertion... The best antidote to insecurity is practice and knowledge. That is why, we have created different events where you can learn absolutely everything about auxiliary techniques.

Find out from the experts first class international and with extensive experience in invisible orthodontics all the possibilities that these techniques offer us.