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Advanced biomechanics & micro-screws

SAS meeting

18 - 19 October 2024 - Madrid

Advanced biomechanics and TADs

Day 18 October: 10:00 - 19:30

Hypercorrections with aligners: When, how and why.

Incident management in treatment with aligners: beyond software.

Monitoring and problems during treatment with aligners.

Digital planning: The 6 rules to respect the biomechanics of aligners.

Open bites and Class II: When and how to make a difference with elastics.

Day 19 October: 10:00 - 19:00

Micro-screws & aligners: The perfect clinical match.

How to use micro-screws to resolve impacted canines, Class II and severe Class III.

Auxiliary techniques to overcome the limits of your treatments with aligners.

Hands-On of infracygomatic and interradicular TADs (Theoretical and practical workshop).

SAS meeting

SAS meeting


Hands-On of infracygomatic and interradicular TADs

Do you want to learn how to use TADs in your treatments with clear aligners? Sign up for this workshop to discover all the secrets of skeletal anchorage.

From a practical perspective, you will learn step by step the most popular laying techniques.

For this, we will provide you with all the necessary material (anatomical models, drivers, micro-screws, etc.) during the practical part of the workshop.

After this session, you will be ready to start placing TADs with confidence in all your patients.

Classroom course on aligners

We have selected 5 international speakers who are experts in orthodontics. invisible to help train you in the most advanced biomechanics of aligners.

They will teach you protocols clinics that apply with their patients so that you can put them into practice the next day with your own patients. Learn how to treat even the most complex cases with us and lose your fear of extractions or any auxiliary technique that limits your day-to-day work as an orthodontist. 

Make the leap to invisible orthodontics!