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Treatment planning service

Do you want to treat even the most complex cases with aligners? We can help you! 

It offers the highest level of treatment with aligners.

At SMART ALIGNER SERVICES we offer a invisible orthodontic treatment planning service with which you will achieve the same or better finishes in your cases with aligners than with brackets. In addition, by reviewing each of our plans, you will be able to detect how to approach the mechanics of the aligner and continue to refine your orthodontic technique.

Our team of orthodontists is led by the Dr. Luis González, medical director at exclusive invisible orthodontics centresWe can therefore offer you the peace of mind of specialised planning to achieve success in the most complex cases: an optimal occlusion in the time agreed with your patient.

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Our team of orthodontists

We design the biomechanics of the aligner

We will prepare a treatment plan according to your needs and those of your patients.


Shorter treatments

We dedicate the necessary time to each planning and this results in more predictable treatments.


Less refinements in your cases

Get rid of those unwanted extra aligners in your aligner treatments.


Increase in the number of patients

You will be able to spend your time on other tasks: improving your marketing, sales or management strategies. 

Our team of orthodontists are experts in digital planning: we will focus on you and the biomechanics of the aligner to achieve results in your treatments with aligners equal to or better than with braces. 

Can we help you with complex cases?

Our team has treated more than 1500 cases with aligners, we help you to do it!

We help you make the leap to invisible orthodontics, join our trainings! 

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