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Spark's Approver: 5 reasons to work with it

Hello again! We are continuing our blog series on the analysis of the planning software of the most important brands of aligners on the market. On this occasion (we already gave you the clue in the previous blog) we will talk about the Spark Approver. This programme has a very user-friendly interface, with a multitude of tools that we will explain below.

Freedom of use of the Spark Approver:

Although it has changed (and evolved) in many respects since its first versions, the Spark Approver has always been characterised by its incredible versatility in terms of handling 3D controls. The capacity for customisation of treatments by doctors is very high, being able to modify the position and size of attachments, bite ramps or integrated hooks to the needs of the case without any kind of limit. For example, we have the option of placing two attachments on the same tooth or modifying the size and position of bite ramps or bite turbos without the need to write comments to the technicians, details that speed up planning and allow us to have the aligners in the clinic in less time.

Integration of the actual CBCT:

Unlike other software, the Spark Approver allows us to visualise the patient's actual CBCT slices while planning the case. Not only that, but we can also load the DICOM file at any time during planning, as the program is able to overlay this file with the STL models. With this solution, Spark avoids the CBCT processing stage, achieving greater precision in the visualisation of tooth roots and surrounding bone structures. It is true that having so much information at the same time while reviewing the movements of the teeth can be a bit "cumbersome", but we always have the option of visualising the root movements and possible contacts with the corticals without having all of the structures arranged in the Spark Approver.

Customisation of the aligners in the Spark Approver:

In the latest updates, Ormco has enabled different options in the Spark Approver The programme offers a number of features that allow doctors to customise their treatments, such as the possibility of modifying the speed of movements or adding passive aligners. By default, the programme establishes a specific speed for each type of movement, but in some patients, either due to the complexity of their movements or their conditions (periodontal patients, for example), it may be advisable to adjust this speed.

Cutting line on the Spark Approver:

The trimming or height of aligners is an aspect that we often neglect during case planning (and more so since the introduction of CBCT, where we tend to see teeth without gingiva). When we review a Spark ApproverIn this case, we can add the cut line in the planning to see all the areas to be covered by the aligners and, based on this, modify it according to the demands of the case. Let's take periodontal patients as an example again: In these cases, the lower incisors usually have little bone support and mobility and we are not interested in aligners being very retentive in this area. With the cut line visible, we can tell the technician more precisely how and on which teeth we want to modify it to make the aligners less retentive.

Spark Approver compatibility:

When we work with aligners, we are not only looking for optimal treatment performance, we are also concerned about workflow. The "limits" that we may have with other brands of aligners regarding the use of files from one scanner or the other will disappear with the Spark ApproverThe software is compatible with any .STL or .DICOM file. Having the peace of mind that your clinic equipment can be used without problems with the software with which you are going to do your invisible orthodontic planning is a factor to take into account.


And with this last argument we conclude today's blog. We are sure that the most experienced users of Spark are already making the most of all these advantages and that newcomers will soon start to do so. In the next blog we will show you the strong points of a brand of aligners that has only been in Europe for a short time but that, without a doubt, is being the sensation of the year... Too many clues, see you in the next blog!

If you want to know more about SPARK aligners and master your Approver, don't hesitate to get more information on the SAS Method. You will learn how to deal with the most complex cases thanks to our team of professionals.

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