DR ELVIRA PATROI: The “know how” of treating complex multidisciplinary cases with aligners



The course will review numerous cases of varing complexity and severity and will provide practical guidelines for an optimal outcome.

The presentation will include practical useful ideas about how to integrate palatal tads as an excellent method of anchorage in the digital treatment plan of advanced cases.

Complex restorative cases (veneers, crowns, dental implants) often require orthodontic tooth movements for an optimized result in terms of esthetics, form and function and we will discuss the principles of an efficient preprosthodontic preparation of the denture.

There are few known rules about orthodontic treatment with aligners of the patients with periodontal problems, but we will offer you clinical principles for successfully treating this type of patients.

Aligners are an excellent option for patients who need orthognatic surgery and we will discuss the clinical sequence of the conjunction with clear aligners and maxillo-facial surgery.

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