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Do you dare to treat all your cases with clear aligners?


In the early days, clear aligners had many limitations and were only used to treat mild cases. But, over the years, the continuous evolution of the technique (development of the software, better materials…) has meant that, today, we can treat all types of cases, even the most complex ones.

However, this evolution would be ” lame ” without the orthodontist’s role. Training and in-depth knowledge of the biomechanics of clear aligners is what will allow you to successfully resolve any type of malocclusion.

We are aware that the learning curve of clear aligners is long and, even if your skills with brackets are excellent, you still get stuck with some complex cases with aligners.

This is why we have created a complete and unique programme in which we will help you to treat any patient who comes into your clinic asking for clear aligners.

You will learn the specific protocols to treat any type of malocclusion with aligners: from mild crowding to extraction cases.

You will reinforce your classes with exercises at the end of each topic so that you can put into practice everything you have learnt.

In addition, we will provide you with the necessary marketing and sales tools so that you can increase the number of clear aligner patients.

If you are a doctor who loves clear aligners and want to improve your skills, this is the perfect programme for you.

Download full programme.

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