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Microscrews in Orthodontics. Basics unvealed

orthodontic micro-screws

Micro-screws in orthodontics. Origin: The introduction of micro-screws in orthodontics is not as recent as we think. Although they have become fashionable in recent years, micro-screws were first used in 1985. However, the emergence of aligners together with the increase in the number of adult patients in orthodontics [...]

In-Office vs. Traditional Aligners: Which is better?

The options in invisible orthodontics have evolved significantly. Two of the most popular alternatives today are in-office aligners and traditional aligners (Invisalign, Spark or Angel Aligner). Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the most suitable one depends on a number of factors, including your specific needs, budget, and the type of braces you want to wear.

Angel Aligner's iORTHO: 5 reasons to work with him.

Introduction to Angel Aligner's iORTHO: We are back with the last part of the comparison between the planning software of the most popular aligner brands. In this article we will look at the strengths of Angel Aligner's iOrtho software. This brand, which has a long history in China, has started to [...]

What is the best invisible orthodontics course in Spain?

Classroom course on aligners

Introduction: Invisible orthodontics is booming, this is a reality. More and more dentists want to specialise in orthodontics, which is why online orthodontic courses are becoming more and more common. In this blog we are going to give you different options of courses in invisible orthodontics so that you can [...]

Invisalign ClinCheck: 5 reasons to work with it

Invisalign Clincheck

Introduction: Initial Considerations If you work with aligners, I am sure that more than once you have considered changing brands, although you have probably had some doubts: is the material they use good, will I be able to learn how to use the programme without going crazy, will I have to start from 0, will I have to start from the beginning, will I have a [...]

Which attachments are better for premolar rotation?

Premolar rotation

Introduction I suppose that many of you are familiar with the myth of Achilles, the Greek hero who was immersed in the river Styx by his mother as a child to make him immortal. Legend has it that Achilles was hit by a poisoned arrow right in the only area that did not touch the water, his heel, causing his death. This type [...]

MARPE: Is there an age limit for placement?

Placement of Marpe

Introduction: Understanding Maxillary Compression Maxillary compression is a relatively common problem seen in our daily practice. This osseodental discrepancy can be treated in different ways depending on the severity of the problem and, of course, depending on the patient's age. In this article we will discuss the treatment of maxillary compression by means of [...]

Aligners in periodontal patients: Advantages.

Aligners in periodontal patients

Introduction With the increase in the number of adult patients in our practices, it is common to see periodontal patients with cases of diminished bone support or even patients who have been treated with orthodontics as children who present a periodontal defect caused by these treatments. When a patient with these characteristics comes to our practice, our main concern is to find out how to [...]

What is the effect of elastics in a Class III?

Effects of elastics in Class III

Challenges in Class III Treatment Planning When planning Class III treatment with aligners, the movements displayed in the software can be confusing. No platform is going to tell us the limits of distalisation, or how the planned movements are actually going to occur... And it can't reflect the effects [...]