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Invisalign ClinCheck: 5 reasons to work with it

Invisalign Clincheck

Introduction: Initial Considerations If you work with aligners, I am sure that more than once you have considered changing brands, although you have probably had some doubts: is the material they use good, will I be able to learn how to use the programme without going crazy, will I have to start from 0, will I have to start from the beginning, will I have a [...]

Has CBCT been a step forward in dentistry?


What is CBCT? CBCT is a medical imaging technique that uses a special type of computed tomography (CT) to obtain three-dimensional images of anatomical structures of the human body. The introduction of CBCT in invisible orthodontic planning has been a breakthrough in terms of safety and predictability. Being able to "see" the [...]

Is ClinCheck's analysis of Bolton real?

We all remember our postgraduate years when we had to measure the size of each tooth on plaster models with a caliper in order to calculate the Bolton discrepancy. A tedious job like no other, in which we spent hours and hours. Fortunately, technology has made this job much easier. [...]