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Attachments, what is their function and what types of attachments are there?


What are orthodontic attachments? In orthodontics with aligners, we call attachments to small protuberances of composite (a material similar to that used in dental fillings) that adhere to the surface of the teeth and that help the aligner to function correctly. There are different types, and depending on the functionality we will choose one or the other. [...]

Invisalign ClinCheck: 5 reasons to work with it

Invisalign Clincheck

Introduction: Initial Considerations If you work with aligners, I am sure that more than once you have considered changing brands, although you have probably had some doubts: is the material they use good, will I be able to learn how to use the programme without going crazy, will I have to start from 0, will I have to start from the beginning, will I have a [...]

Which attachments are better for premolar rotation?

Premolar rotation

Introduction I suppose that many of you are familiar with the myth of Achilles, the Greek hero who was immersed in the river Styx by his mother as a child to make him immortal. Legend has it that Achilles was hit by a poisoned arrow right in the only area that did not touch the water, his heel, causing his death. This type [...]

Optimised vs. Conventional coffers

Attachments are a key part of treatment with aligners, necessary to improve the efficiency and predictability of certain dental movements. Even so, they are not essential in all situations. There are movements, such as retroinclination or incisor rotation, that do not require the placement of these attachments to be completed. The [...]