Auxiliary Techniques with Aligners



What will I learn in this course?

  • Micro-screws:
    • In which cases do we need micro-screws?
    • Selection of micro-screws.
    • Laying technique.
    • Case studies.
    • Problem management.
  • Minitubes
    • What are mini-tubes?
    • Cementing protocol.
    • Advantages over conventional brackets.
    • Case studies.
  • - Sagittal corrections: Carriere.
    • The limit and scope of sequential distalisation.
    • Indications of the Carriere device.
    • Staging of treatment with Carriere.
    • Protocol D-Bart for the use of the Carriere+Aligners - Clinical cases.
  • Vertical management of molars.
    • The limit of aligners: loss of tracking or taurodontism.
    • Indications of auxiliary devices: TADs + elastics and TADs + Verticalisers.
    • Staging of treatment with these aids.
    • Clinical cases.
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