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Angel Aligner's iORTHO: 5 reasons to work with him.

Introduction to Angel Aligner's iORTHO:

We are back with the last part of the comparison between the planning software of the most popular aligner brands. In this article we will analyse the strengths of the software iOrtho by Angel Aligner. This brand, which has a long history in China, has begun to expand worldwide in recent years. After some time working with these aligners, the sensations are very good, both the product and the clinical team behind it.

If you are used to working with Spark or Invisalign, you will notice that many of the buttons that appear on the iOrtho by Angel Aligner will be familiar to you. After doing 10-15 cases, you should be able to adapt to the programme without any problems. Let's take a look at the highlights of this software:

Automatic staging in iORTHO:

By uploading a new case in the iOrtho by Angel AlignerThe programme will automatically introduce a series of sequences according to the treatment objectives we have selected. This function, although we are the ones who have to guide the technicians and review the proposed sequences, is of great help in speeding up treatment planning.

Angel Aligner is one of the few companies that has such sophisticated software that it is able to apply, for example, a sequential distalisation or frog staging protocol to the previous intrusion without us having to specify anything.

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Conventional and iORTHO-optimised attachments:

Among the wide variety of tools provided by the iOrtho by Angel AlignerIn Invisalign, we will have the option of choosing between conventional and optimised attachments. The latter are not exactly the same as those of Invisalign, as they are not accompanied by SmartForces, but their design is based on the characteristics of the movement and the anatomy of the crown of the tooth we are moving.

As we always explain, there are no "better" or "worse" attachments, but rather the design of the attachment is conditioned by the characteristics of the teeth of each of our patients (size, shape...). Therefore, having these attachments at our disposal is the key to being able to personalise all our treatments.

Cutting lines in iORTHO:

Along with the possibility to choose the dual material, in the software iOrtho by Angel Aligner we can also request different cutting line heights. This functionality is not directly visible in the models, but it can be very useful for those cases where we have crowns that are not very retentive, such as growing patients, or situations where we need to improve the application of forces, such as a change of anterior torque.

Having a high cut-off line has its consequences, and we must take them into account when designing the attachments to avoid excessive retention of the aligners. Remember: The more the aligners retain, the less retentive the attachments should be.


Mandibular advancement in iORTHO:

The design of the forward blocks of the Angel Aligner on the occlusal surface of the aligners gives us more "freedom" in the rest of the planning aspects. With this advancement, we can place attachments in the vestibular of all the teeth we want, we can place buttons and we can even order sequences at the same time as we make the advancement, all in the same phase of aligners. You will discover the rest of the advantages for yourself when you start treating growing Class II patients with this appliance.

AngelButton in iORTHO:

Angel Aligner has hit the nail on the head by introducing the AngelButton in its treatments. This new feature fulfils a wish that thousands of orthodontists have had for years. In the software iOrtho by Angel AlignerWhen we click on the AngelButton tool, a series of locations recommended by the artificial intelligence will appear where we will place these buttons, which will appear on the aligner.

This does not mean that we have to forget about traditional buttons, as AngelButtons cannot replace them in all cases; but in most patients, these AngelButtons will make our work easier and will open the door to new forms of treatment.



These are just some of the differential elements of Angel Aligner. As you will have seen, there is many years of experience and hundreds of studies and tests behind all this technology. If you liked this review and you want to start working with Angel Aligner, I encourage you to find out more about this aligner system in the course Angel Aligner ACCELERATOR.

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