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What is the best invisible orthodontics course in Spain?


The invisible orthodontics is booming, this is a reality. More and more dentists want to specialise in orthodontics, and this is why dentists are becoming more and more interested in the field of orthodontics. online orthodontic courses are becoming more and more common.

In this blog we are going to give you different options for invisible orthodontics courses so that you can choose the option that most interests you.

A-Z Aligners Course:

This is a 12 month course in invisible orthodontics where you will explore the protocols to treat any type of malocclusion with the 3 different types of orthodontic treatment. aligner brands (Invisalign, Spark and Angel Aligner).

This is a course on invisible orthodontics given by the following Drs: Dr. Luis González Barbero, Dr. Ana Acedo, Dr. Jorge Villaumbrosia and Dr. Martín Pedernera.

The course includes the following:

-25 recorded classes (45-50 minute classes) in which we will explain step by step the biomechanics of the aligners and how to apply it to any malocclusion.

-20 online courses (90-120 minute classes) with speakers who will teach you how to treating complex cases with aligners.

-10 books: Class II , Class III, ataches...

-2 sessions of 45 minutes to review your invisible orthodontic cases with the speakers. 

Programme of the invisible orthodontics course: Aligners course from A to Z.

Aligners from a to z

Angel Aligner Accelerator Course:

This online course in invisible orthodontics is designed for orthodontists who want to learn how to treat complex cases with the brand name of Angel Aligner aligners (Rising Brand).

In this invisible orthodontics programme will help you to train you in the new features presented by this new brand and you will also be able to review your iORTHO with all the professionals, thus being able to increase the number of cases treated.

The teachers in this course are: Dr. Pedro Acosta, Dr. Luis Barbero, Dr. Nando Moraleda, Dr. María Villarrasa, Dr. Víctor Guerrero and Dr. Jhonny Leon.

Programme of the invisible orthodontics course: Angel Aligner Accelerator.

SAS method:

The SAS method is a programme where the best experts in the sector plan your cases of invisible orthodontics with you, so that you can learn while taking some of the work out of the clinic.

It is a monthly subscription that gives you access to the SAS community, where hundreds of orthodontists come together to consult doubts and obtain synergies.

The SAS method includes the following:

  • Weekly group case review sessions: Every Monday and Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00. 
  • 12-month training: +50 hours of online training.
  • 1:1 sessions with Dr. Martín Pedernera, Dr. Luis González, Dr. Maria Vilarrasa, Dr. Ana Acedo and Dr. Jorge Villaumbrosia: You can conveniently schedule private sessions.
  • Practical workshops on micro-screws, stripping and occlusal grinding: We will send all the necessary material to your home. 

Programme of the invisible orthodontics course: SAS method.

Invisible orthodontics course

Presential course of micro-screws in Madrid "SAS Meeting":

"SAS meeting is a classroom-based orthodontics course which will be held in Madrid on 18 and 19 October 2024. During these days, numerous international speakers will be in charge of facilitating the integration of the use of micro-screws in the treatment with aligners. In addition to the training, this course will include lunch and dinner and a "SAS party" for networking.

The Speakers in charge of training you in micro-screws are the following: Dr. Martín Pedernera, Dr. Lorenzo Bartolommei, Dr. Luis Barbero, Dr. Jorge Villaumbrosia, Dr. Ana Acedo and Dr. Lucia Giuliano.

It is worth noting that an invitation to the SAS Meeting is included with the purchase of the Angel Aligner Accelerator course.

Programme of the micro-screw course: SAS Meeting

Presential course "Aligners Sun & Fun III" in Mallorca:

This invisible orthodoxy course in person It could rather be considered a congress, as it is a 3-day event where numerous renowned international speakers give presentations.

If I had to describe this event I would say that it is the most fun invisible orthodontics event in Spain. There are 3 days with numerous organised activities (lunches, dinners, parties, surprises, etc...) where you can experience what it's like to belong to the SAS family.

Not to forget the Speakers who will be at the event next year: Dr Trevor Nichols, Dr Susana Palma, Dr Javier Lozano, Dr Gözde Çobanoğlu, Dr Skander Ellouze, Dr Juan Carlos Pérez Varela, Dr Udo Windsheimer, Dr Benedict Wilmes, Dr Alessandro Greco and Dr Alessandro Greco.

The event will be held in Mallorca on 3, 4 and 5 April 2025.

The programme of the event can be consulted here: Aligners Sun & fun III


In this blog we have been able to analyse the different invisible orthodontics courses according to your preferences. I hope it has been helpful and that you will be able to decide between one of the many courses offered. Smart Aligner Services.

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