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Fitting Invisalign Braces, everything you need to know.  

Placement of invisalign attachments.

To place a atache invisalign and a cutout in the same piece you must make sure there is enough space to do it, the second step is to ask the technician to send you the modifications or the one we are going to detail in this post, using the 3D controls of the Clincheck. 

To be as clear as possible, we will differentiate between conventional atache and optimised atache. Let's see in the following example how using 3D controls we can do this in a simple way:

Conventional invisalign attachments and button cutout.

Accessing 3D controls in the ataches moduleWe have all the tools to make the modifications. 

1. The first step is to identify the part to be fitted with our atache and button. If the crown has a atache, we must remove it, because by default, it is positioned in the centre of the crown without leaving enough space for the cutout. 

2. Secondly, we select the button cutout, position and orientate it, leaving enough space on the crown for the atache. 

3. Select the atache type and position it on the desired crown.As we can see in the following image, we must modify its orientation so that the software allows us to place it. If it appears in red, the software blocks us due to a possible manufacturing fault. 

Conventional patch and button cutout on the same piece.

Optimised invisalign attachment and elastic cut-out.

For cases of optimised invisalign attachments the system works differently. As in the previous case, the process is as follows: 

1. We identify the part in question and eliminate any atache that the part has by default. 

2. Secondly, we place the elastic cut-out in the desired orientation. 

3. To place the optimised invisalign atacheIn the shortcut type bar, the hexagonal-shaped shortcut, which we call optimised, appears. 

4. We drag on the piece with elastic and depending on the movement of the tooth, it allows us to select the type of optimised attachment. We choose the most suitable one according to our criteria. 

5. By clicking on the "LIVE UPDATE" tool, the software calculates the most optimal position and orientation of the optimised atache, as shown in the following image. 

Optimised invisalign attachment
Figure 2. Optimised types of shortcuts 


In conclusion, it is important to know the possibilities that the new software updates bring us to improve our planning, we have seen how we can optimise our planning in just a few seconds without having to wait days for the technician to modify it for us. 

If you want to know more about attachments and improve your treatment planning with aligners do not hesitate to ask for information on our SAS methodThe only training programme where we will plan your cases with you so that you can learn while you work.

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