DR NACHO FAUS: Tips & tricks in Aligner Therapy

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When we treat our patients with aligners, we are faced with different problems than with fixed appliances and, as a consequence, we have to look for new solutions to achieve an optimal result for the cases.

Achieving proper meshing and intercuspidation at the end of treatment is often one of the most difficult challenges in invisible orthodontics. And speaking of challenges... who hasn't faced the misalignment of a lateral incisor?

These small, poorly retentive teeth present a challenge, as even simple movements can be complicated if they are not well planned or monitored.

In this course, Nacho Faus will teach you the protocols he applies to achieve a good finish in his patients and which are the best sequences to move the lateral incisors.

DR NACHO FAUS: Tips & tricks in Aligner Therapy

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