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Invisalign ClinCheck: 5 reasons to work with it

Invisalign Clincheck

Introduction: Initial Considerations If you work with aligners, I am sure that more than once you have considered changing brands, although you have probably had some doubts: is the material they use good, will I be able to learn how to use the programme without going crazy, will I have to start from 0, will I have to start from the beginning, will I have a [...]

Has CBCT been a step forward in dentistry?


What is CBCT? CBCT is a medical imaging technique that uses a special type of computed tomography (CT) to obtain three-dimensional images of anatomical structures of the human body. The introduction of CBCT in invisible orthodontic planning has been a breakthrough in terms of safety and predictability. Being able to "see" the [...]

Mastering the Overbite: Strategies and Challenges:


Overbite Challenges In the more than 20 years that we have been working with invisible orthodontics, we have gone from considering some malocclusions "impossible" to daring to resolve any type of case with them. One of the clinical conditions that presented the most difficulty in the early days of aligners (and still does in certain circumstances) was [...]

Are we aware of what we are doing?

Doctor thoughtful

It is not a question to make us feel guilty. It is just a thought-provoking question, to think about the impact we can have on our patients. We are dedicated to moving teeth, to improving people's smiles. And this change that we can generate in them is not only going to have an impact on their mouth, [...]

MARPE: Is there an age limit for placement?

Placement of Marpe

Introduction: Understanding Maxillary Compression Maxillary compression is a relatively common problem seen in our daily practice. This osseodental discrepancy can be treated in different ways depending on the severity of the problem and, of course, depending on the patient's age. In this article we will discuss the treatment of maxillary compression by means of [...]

Aligners in periodontal patients: Advantages.

Aligners in periodontal patients

Introduction With the increase in the number of adult patients in our practices, it is common to see periodontal patients with cases of diminished bone support or even patients who have been treated with orthodontics as children who present a periodontal defect caused by these treatments. When a patient with these characteristics comes to our practice, our main concern is to find out how to [...]

Moving molars through the maxillary sinus... myth or reality?

Moving molars through the maxillary sinus

Introduction I am writing this blog about moving molars through the maxillary sinus just after the SAS The Next Level event in Madrid. As Dani says, we are still a bit emotionally hung over. Before I go into detail on the subject of the blog, I would like to thank again the great [...]

What is the effect of elastics in a Class III?

Effects of elastics in Class III

Challenges in Class III Treatment Planning When planning Class III treatment with aligners, the movements displayed in the software can be confusing. No platform is going to tell us the limits of distalisation, or how the planned movements are actually going to occur... And it can't reflect the effects [...]

Will Invisalign be able to revolutionise jaw expansion?

Maxillary expansion

The importance of jaw expansion Jaw expansion is a relatively common treatment for growing patients. Many children have a narrow jaw for various reasons, whether due to habits, a respiratory problem, genetics or inadequate function. This jaw deficiency can be treated with different devices: [...]

Micro-screws in orthodontics: At what age to place them.

Installation of micro-screws

Skeletal anchorage has been a revolution in modern orthodontics, allowing us to go beyond the "limits" in extreme cases and avoiding surgical treatment in many of them. Despite all their benefits, micro-screws are not a perfect tool: they can cause discomfort or canker sores for the patient and, on occasions, they can present mobility and even [...]