Spark: from A to Z: from essentials to expert

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We know that the SPARK system may be something new for you. Until now, you have used other brands of aligners and it could be difficult to adapt to this new system.

At Smart Aligner Services we want to show you everything, from the most basic aspects, like the process of uploading a new case, the different types of attachments… to the most advanced knowledge, like the use of TADs and other techniques.

In most online courses, you will find loose webinars offline. This one is different.

We have prepared a complete and dynamic program in which you will learn all the tips and tricks needed to master the SPARK system.

In addition, during this 3 months, you will have mentoring and support for your Approvers to apply all the content learnt from the course and to ensure the predictability of your cases.

Please find the full program and discounts here


SPARK: from A to Z

Spark: from A to Z: from essentials to expert

Todo los cursos online, una vez comprados podrás verlos tantas veces como quieras desde tu página personal de mis cursos.

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