We know that the SPARK aligner system may be something new for you. Until now, you have worked with aligners from other brands, and it may be challenging for you to adapt to this new system.

At Smart Aligner Services, we want to help you in this learning process and teach you everything, from the most basic aspects such as uploading a new case or the different types of attachments, to the more advanced content, such as the use of microscrews and other tools.

In most online courses, you will find separate webinars with no connection between them. This course is different.

We have prepared a comprehensive and dynamic program where you will learn all the necessary tricks and tips to master the SPARK aligners.

We have the best INTERNATIONAL SPARK SPEAKERS, and we want to give you the opportunity to see how they handle even the most complex cases with this system.

Additionally, during these 3 months, you will have mentoring and clinical support from your Approvers so that you can apply all the content learned in the course and ensure that your cases are well planned.

You will learn how to use the SPARK aligner system and safely treat your patients.

With the mentoring sessions and clinical support, you will achieve more predictable treatments and reduce the number of refinements.

You will discover how to treat all types of cases with SPARK, even the most complex ones.


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